[INTERVIEW] Anda, “Found My New Voice Thanks to R.Tee, Nervous to be YG’s First Comeback Runner”


Anda, “Found My New Voice Thanks to R.Tee, Nervous to be YG’s First Comeback Runner”

Anda, the first artist of YG’s entertainment academy YGX, will release her new song titled ‘What You Waiting For’ today(6th) at 6 PM. Anda collaborated with DJ R.Tee from The Black Label, known for co-producing BIGBANG’s ‘FXXK IT’, BLACKPINK’s ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’.

R.Tee praised Anda by stating, “She shows great concentration like fire when we talk about music. She has uniqueness in a glad way, which raises curiosities”, while Anda also noticed a meaningful synergy effect by adding, “I found my voice which I hadn’t known myself”.

‘What You Waiting For’ is the first collaborative project by YGX and The Black Label which contains a woman’s sharp message of yelling, ‘What are you waiting for’ due to a stifling man’s attitude. The song has a high degree of completion as it was regarded as one of the candidates for group BLACKPINK’s upcoming project and was created by R.Tee with affections so much that he requested to release the song under his own name himself.

Q. You will be the first comeback runners of YG Entertainment in 2019. How do you feel about it.

– R.Tee : In terms of music, I don’t have any regrets.

– Anda : I feel pressure, but I’m also excited. I hope many people would look forward to it.

Q. There aren’t many collaborative works released by a DJ and a singer in Korea.

– R.Tee : In The Black Label, it depends on your own will. I’m more of a DJ rather than a composer, so I prefer these types of projects. I want to present my own music as a DJ. There aren’t many of these cases in Korea, but I hope we’ll have more collaborative works released by DJs and artists like other countries do.

Q. What’s the background on how you two began your project.

– R.Tee : I knew Anda as an artist from a long time ago. I felt that Anda has switch, and Anda signed with YGX at the right timing. I requested to work with her. I’m grateful that she sincerely liked the music.

Q. A switch?

– R.Tee : I wanted the transition of ‘What You Waiting For’, turning into an ambient vibe to something completely different, really stand out. Anda did great. I found about 2 switches from Anda. One is that she has great energy emitting in an instant, and the other is that she knows how to think patiently until the end. The last is her binge switch. I haven’t seen someone eat so well for quite a while.

Q. What kind of producer was R.Tee to Anda?

– Anda : R.Tee is a producer who knows how to complement people and raise their confidence levels up. Some people just praise without knowing well, but R.Tee knows how to hit right at the spot. He highlights the strengths. Thanks to him, I was able to find my own voice which I’ve heard for the first time myself.

Q. What did you want to present through ‘What You Waiting For’.

– R.Tee : I wanted to present music in a DJ perspective. I hope the listeners would feel elements that they like, although they may feel experimental and unfamiliar.

– Anda : The song puts a lot of emphasis on dance, so I wanted to express the performance part well.

Q. Anda majored in acting and was casted on SBS’ ‘Saimdang, Memoirs of Colors’. Is there a reason you are active as an artist?

– Anda : I feel like all fields of art are related. And I like music the most. I just leave the possibility of acting and modeling open.

0003963864_001_20190306132906777Q. You told us that ‘What You Waiting For’ puts emphasis on the performance, and the choreography is very unique.

– Anda : I’ve never learned dancing professionally. I never thought I was good at it, and I was scolded a lot. But this time, the people around me told me that ‘I’m good’. All I can say is, ‘Really?’. (Laughs) I feel grateful. I gained some confidence.

Q. What is the difference between Anda and other female artists of YG Entertainment.

– R.Tee : There are many good artists, but Anda is ‘Anda’. She has a unique atmosphere which the other artists don’t have. It’s unique, and distinctive, in a way of raising curiosities.

– Anda: I agree with R.Tee. And I’m tall.

Q. However, your comeback process was not smooth. Anda is the first artist of YGX, which BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI revealed confidence on before all the controversy. The modifier, ‘SEUNGRI’s artist’ may feel incendiary at the moment.

– R.Tee : We don’t know anything about the related issue. We’re just doing the interview since we don’t want to leave any regrets on our activities related to ‘What You Waiting For’.

– Anda : I’m just going to focus on my task. There’s nothing I can do if I got that title, so I’ll focus on my work. I want to present various aspects of myself. The important fact is that I am nobody’s artist.

Q. Will you be making appearances on music broadcasts?

– Anda : I will have my first performance through SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’.

– R.Tee : I plan to be active through live performances rather than appearing on music broadcasts with Anda.

Q. You must have big expectations on chart results.

– R.Tee : We do. But we can’t get great results just because we want to. The point is that we ‘don’t have regrets’ on the creating process. I hope a lot of people would feel empathy with our energy, and I want to share all of Anda’s charms with many people. I will do my best.

Q. Tell us about your goals this year.

– Anda : I want to sing as much as I can. I’ve been frustrated that I haven’t presented myself as a singer compared to the number of albums I’ve released until now. My character itself is strong, like something that’s burning, and that goes well with ‘What You Waiting For’. I’m open to various fields of music in my future career, but the genre I would like to challenge on the most is Hip-Hop.

– R.Tee : I really like it when an artist I’m working with says something like this. I think that the source of creativity and inspiration comes from ‘chatting’. I find it interesting if Anda offers me something that she’s interested in. My goal this year is to continue on the project with the name R.Tee. I would like to make the people recognize R.Tee’s music as ‘being glad’ although it may be eccentric, and I am also planning to work on tracks that will make other artists shine as a composer.


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