[OFFICIAL] EUN JIWON-LEE HI Making Double Comeback?… “Finalizing Recording Process”


EUN JIWON is releasing a solo album in a long while. LEE HI is also making comeback to the K-Pop scene after a long vacancy.

YG Entertainment’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK shared the news that the two artists are finalizing their album recording processes in March 1, through their official blog.

Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK wrote, “EUN JIWON’s solo album recording process prepared in YG for the first time is almost complete”. Since the process is going smooth, it is expected to be released during the first half of the year. If he releases the album according to schedule, it will album release in 4 years alter his EP album ‘Trauma’ released back in 2015. As it will be his first-ever solo album since he joined YG, the fans have high expectations.
lee hi

LEE HI is preparing her comeback in 3 years after her last release in 2016. Producer YANG HYUN SUK emphasized, “The youngest I care for and feel sorry for, is almost done recording her solo album”. As her vacancy was long, she means to make up for that by making two comebacks.

LEE HI made a fantastic debut in the K-Pop scene after being recognized for her deep and soulful voice, which was unbelievable for a 16-year old middle school student in SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ season 1, back in 2012.

Producer YANG HYUN SUK has previously noticed, “I will share news on EUN JIWON’s solo album progress, CL, LEE HI, and SUHYUN of AKMU’s news when specific dates are determined”, through YG blog’s ‘FROM YG’ corner on February.

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