R.Tee X Anda, “’What You Waiting For’ Used to be a Candidate for BLACKPINK’s Upcoming Project… The Members Support Us A Lot”


Anda and R.Tee raised expectations on their collaborative single, ‘What You Waiting For’. 

On March 6, Anda and R.Tee had an interview in The Black Label headquarters to celebrate the release of their collaborative single, ‘What You Waiting For’. 

R.Tee shared his good feelings by stating, “Our release date is groundhog day. I have positive thoughts on the meaning of this day. I think it will be a song that notifies the start of Spring”. 

The song ‘What You Waiting For’, to be released today at 6 PM, is a song with dynamic and unexpected arrangement with an impressive sharp message of ‘What are you waiting for’ by a woman towards a stifling man. JOE RHEE and 1105 participated in the writing and composing of the track besides R.Tee, while R.Tee handled arrangement of the song to raise its completion.

On their upcoming collaboration, R.Tee praised Anda by stating, “I’ve never seen an artist who emits such powerful energy in the studio. She focused herself in the topic and put in detailed work”.

As ‘What You Waiting For’ has been known to be a candidate for BLACKPINK’s upcoming project, a lot of people paid attention. R.Tee explained, “The members of BLACKPINK supported this single a lot”. He added, “I wanted to collaborate with an artist I like. I felt this is the way I should release this song”. 

One would have to expect good results. R.Tee stated, “I can’t say that I don’t. I want to bring something good for the people and everyone who helped our project. I hope many people listen to the song”.

0003963864_002_20190306132906812Anda added, “It would be amazing to achieve good results. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t. However, I’m not greedy as much as the effort I put in this song. I just let it go”. 

This project received wholehearted support from YG Entertainment’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK and TEDDY, the leader of The Black Label. R.Tee stated, “Representative YANG HYUN SUK was satisfied. I’m very glad”. Anda added, “I think he liked it. He told me to feel at ease, without tension”. 

R.Tee also confessed his gratitude towards TEDDY by stating, “He understands me and supports me a lot. I feel very grateful for his support”. 

Furthermore, it has been known that Anda is an artist who representative YANG HYUN SUK has been keeping an eye one. She has amazing charms and robust skills, as he ordered YGX to sign her himself. Regarding the fact, Anda expressed her gratitude by stating, “I’m receiving full-hearted support. I’m learning a lot. The areas include dance, choreography, writing songs, composing songs, and even language”. 

R.Tee is a talented composer of The Black Label who participated in producing multiple hits including BIGBANG’s ‘FXXK IT’, BLACKPINK’s ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. R.Tee proudly explained, “My personal favorite work of all-time is BLACKPINK’s ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’. I worked on the song to put it in my own album. And I let TEDDY listen to it when I was done”. He continued, “After TEDDY’s touch, it became a better track. The members of BLACKPINK also did amazing. It is my favorite song”. 

Lastly, R.Tee asked for the people’s attention by stating, “’What You Waiting For’ is a song that can bring out positive vibes, whenever and wherever people listen to it”. Anda shared her resolution on the upcoming activities by stating, “I’ll make it fun, joyous, and hot”.