Three Points to Pay Attention to on ‘What You Waiting For’


The first collaborative project by R.Tee X Anda, ‘What You Waiting For’, will finally unveil.

On March 6 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment notified the release of R.Tee X Anda’s ‘What You Waiting For’ today, by revealing its release counter poster. 

Each half of R.Tee and Anda’s faces were portrayed in the poster with fierce black and red colors as the background, emitting their unique charisma. 

# The First Collaborative Project by YGX and The Black Label

‘What You Waiting For’ is the first collaborative project by YGX and The Black Label, and the song was completed with a track composed by R.Tee and Anda’s vocals and performances on top.

DJ and producer, R.Tee, is a talented composer of The Black Label who has participated in composing hit songs including BIGBANG’s ‘FXXK IT’, BLACKPINK’s ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. Anda is an artist who representative YANG has been keeping an eye on and has amazing charms and solid skills, enough so that he ordered YGX to sign her himself.

The people are highly anticipating on what kind of synergy effects the collaboration between the two artists will bring. 

# The Unexpected Melody of R.Tee’s Production

‘What You Waiting For’ was executive produced by R.Tee, including the composing, writing, and arrangement of the track. The unique and unexpected arrangement stands out, while the drop part which is brought out along with lyrics in strong words provide a fresh shock and joy for the listeners. 

The track has a high level of completion as it was regarded as one of the candidates for BLACKPINK’s upcoming project, and R.Tee has requested to release it under his own name due to his affection towards the final product.

# Anda’s Fierce + Powerful Performance

Through multiple performance teasers that have been revealed previously, Anda raised the people’s anticipation with her restrained moves which dominated the entire screen. Her ‘wristwatch dance’ which she points her wristwatch and her powerful ‘hip dance’ utilizing her hips grabbed the viewers’ attention throughout the entire clip, while creating harmony with the lyrics and melody. 

Anda who’s about to make her first solo debut after moving to YGX has practiced for a long time and attempted to transform while evolving from her pre-existing image. Anda’s performance, equipped with both fierce vocals and a powerful dance, is now prepared to be presented to the public. R.Tee X Anda’s ‘What You Waiting For’ will be released today at 6 PM through various music platforms.


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