Artists of YG Entertainment showed support on Anda and R.Tee’s single.

‘What You Waiting For’, the project single by producer R.Tee of The Black Label and Anda, the first artist of YGX, was released on March 6 at 6 PM.

As it was a project single released by YGX, fellow artists from YG Entertainment are continuing to show support.

BLACKPINK’s JENNIE, JISOO, and ROSÉ uploaded the album image of ‘What You Waiting For’ on their Instagram accounts, showing support on the new single. ROSÉ introduced, “Everyone! ‘What You Waiting For’ will be released tonight at 6 PM!”. ‘What You Waiting For’ is a song that was once considered as one of the candidates for BLACKPINK’s title song. As the members of BLACKPINK left favorable reviews on the song, the revealed their gladness on the news that the song is being released as a single.

Furthermore, WINNER’s YOON, HOONY, and JINU and iKON’s BOBBY and JAY also uploaded a post which supported the release of ‘What You Waiting For’, revealing YG’s deep comradeship.

In addition, ZION.T mentioned R.Tee’s real name along with the release news of ‘What You Waiting For’ by writing, “Fighting, my friend Joong-gu”.

‘What You Waiting For’ by R.Tee and Anda released on the 6th at 6 PM is a catchy song with unique and unexpected arrangement along with a woman’s message of yelling ‘What are you waiting for’, tired at a man’s stifling attitude.