[04.19] Group BLACKPINK appeared on the ‘James Corden Show’, the famous American late night talk show, and performed their new song ‘KILL THIS LOVE’.

On April 19 at 12:37 AM(EST), BLACKPINK met the American viewers by appearing on CBS’ ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden(abbreviated as the James Corden Show)’.

When the program began, James Corden introduced BLACKPINK to the local viewers by stating, “There is a group that will appear on our talk show for the first time as a K-Pop girl group to present a fantastic performance”. 

After exchanging joyous greetings, BLACKPINK began flinch, the signature game of the ‘James Corden Show’. It is a game which the players succeed if they are not surprised by the flying good coming out of a machine with Corden’s face painted to it, while standing behind a glass wall.

JISOO and JENNIE were the first to challenge. On the question asking who the easiest member to surprise is, the members chose JENNIE. After stating “I’m already scared”, JENNIE and JISOO stood behind the glass door while holding each other’s hands. When food such as avocados and tomatoes started to shoot out, JENNIE was surprised immediately and started waving her hand, while JISOO remained calm. They presented a big laugh by showing contrasting reactions.

ROSÉ and LISA were next up. ROSÉ bravely stated, “We’re younger and braver than our sisters who challenged first” but was surprised at the food flying out in fast speed. LISA also had to smooth down her chest.

BLACKPINK then went out to perform their new song ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ released on the 5th, while the audience responded heatedly. It was the first time BLACKPINK’s performance of ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ was being presented on American television.

After getting on stage with glamorous outfits such as short pants, white crop-tops, and layered dresses, BLACKPINK presented a charismatic performance. The fans at the studio ‘sang-along’ to BLACKPINK’s song, proving their explosive popularity.

In the end, James Corden wrapped up their meeting by stating, “BLACKPINK is currently on their first-ever North America tour” and added, “Please meet BLACKPINK who are dominating various music charts all over the globe”.