Group BLACKPINK created an epic sing-along wave in their concert in Chicago, uniting with the fans as one.

On April 24(local time), BLACKPINK held the ‘BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA] CHICAGO’, held in ‘Allstate Arena’ located in Rosemont, Illinois.

Many fans gathered in front of the arena from early mornings while carrying ‘bbyong bongs’, which are BLACKPINK’s official light sticks, to welcome BLACKPINK’s performance in Chicago.

With the grand intro of ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, BLACKPINK appeared and emitted their strong charismatic performance from the beginning, while the fans greeted the group with huge cheers. BLACKPINK then presented their fresh charms through their performance of ‘FOREVER YOUNG’.

BLACKPINK said hi to the fans in fluent English. They smiled while stating, “We’re happy to perform in Chicago, thank you for your greetings and hospitality”. They made the local audience react by adding, “Please enjoy the rest of the night all together”.

The members’ solo performances also caught the people’s eyes and ears. ROSÉ performed The Beatles’ ‘Let it Be’, Park Bom’s ‘You & I’, and TAEYANG’s ‘Only Look at Me’ reinterpreted in her unique style, while showing off her excellent vocals.

LISA performed her sensual yet powerful dance performances on MISO’s ‘Take Me’ and Jason Derulo’s ‘Swalla’. JISOO performed Zedd’s ‘Clarity’, while JENNIE decorated the stage with her own solo track, ‘SOLO’. The local fans fell in to the 4 unique individual charms of BLACKPINK.

During their performances of ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ and their debut song ‘BOOMBAYAH’, and epic wave of sing-along began among the audience. The fans of Chicago sang along to the rap and chorus, heating up the mood of the concert. The ‘Allstate Arena’ was filled with harmony created by BLACKPINK and BLINK together.

ROSÉ took care of the local fans while stating, “It’s our first time in Chicago. It’s really great and we thank you for welcoming us”. JENNIE also put her thumbs up and said, “Fans of Chicago, you’re the best!”. BLACKPINK made special memories with BLINKs of Chicago while presenting their overflowing love for the fans.

While notifying the start of their North America tour in The Forum, Los Angeles on April 17, BLACKPINK also proved their presence in the US music market by performing at ‘Coachella’, the biggest music festival of the US, on April 12 and 19. The group entered Billboard’s main charts including the Hot 100 and Billboard 200, in addition to UK’s Official Chart Singles Top 100 for 2 consecutive weeks for the first time as a K-Pop girl group with ‘KILL THIS LOVE’.

After meeting the fans in Hamilton on the upcoming 27th, BLACKPINK will continue their North America tour in Newark, Atlanta, and Fort Worth.