blackpink coachella 2

Girl group BLACKPINK successfully completed their second performance at ‘Coachella Festival’, the biggest music festival of the US.

On April 19(local time) at 8 PM, BLACKPINK completed their monumental performance at the Sahara stage of ‘Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’, held in Indio, California.

Coachella’s official YouTube account only streamed special performances selected during the second week performances of Coachella. BLACKPINK was part of their list, proving the group’s heated popularity.

#‘Korean Plancards+Bbyong Bongs Spotted, Singing-along in Korean as well’

After having their first-ever performance at Coachella, BLACKPINK looked more relaxed while stating, “We were shocked that so many people came to watch us perform on the first week”. They also revealed their excitement by stating, “We even more surprised this week. Your cheers make us feel like our eardrums will explode”.

Many local fans at the performance were spotted waving BLACKPINK’s official lighting sticks called ‘bbyong bongs’ and Korean plan cards that read, “happier together”. Furthermore, the crowd sang along to BLACKPINK’s song in Korean, putting everyone in awe.

BLACKPINK shared their thoughts by stating, “It’s like a dream come true that we were able to perform at Coachella for two weeks, after coming from Korea. We will keep today’s energy in our hearts forever”.

blackpink coachella 1# Makes ‘Headlines’ of Major Media Channels

‘Entertainment Tonight’, the famous entertainment magazine, paid attention to BLACKPINK’s activities by writing, “BLACKPINK took over ‘Coachella’”. They added, “Tickets for the first concert of their North America tour held in ‘THE FORUM’ were sold out, while the group also presented an amazing performance at the ‘James Corden Show’.

Billboard also reported a special articled titled, ’25 of BLACKPINK’s most famous fans”. Billboard wrote, “BLACKPINK is forming a huge fandom all over the globe, while they are currently the hottest stars of Hollywood”. They mentioned 25 celebrities and teams who have shown support for BLACKPINK including Dua Lipa, who has previously collaborated with BLACKPINK through the song ‘Kiss and Make Up’, Ariana Grande who looked forward to meeting BLACKPINK at ‘Coachella’, Harry Styles·Pharrell WIlliams·DJ Snake·Benny Blanco wo watched BLACKPINK’s North America tour concert, and Drake who followed BLACKPINK’s official Instagram account.

#US Celebrities turning ‘BLINK’

On April 19, Khalid, one of the ‘hottest’ artists these days, had a ‘meet and greet’ with Will Smith and Jaden Smith to show support.

Khalid showed support by stating, “I think it’s the beginning. I look forward to their future activities in the States” while Jaden Smith also praised BLACKPINK by stating, “Today’s performance was amazing. I had fun”. Will Smith announced that he became an official fan of BLACKPINK after uploading a photo taken with the members on his social media account.

After setting a milestone at ‘Coachella’, BLACKPINK will continue their North America tour schedule. BLACKPINK has recently held their North America tour consisted of 8 concerts in 6 cities. The group will perform in Chicago on the 24th, in Hamilton on the 27th, in Newark from May 1~2, in Atlanta on May 5, and in Fort Worth from May8~9.