Group WINNER were appointed as the ambassadors of the ‘Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo, Bangkok’.

On April 26, KOTRA announced, “WINNER and Song Jihyo will be the ambassadors of the Korea brand and entertainment expo, which is a large-scale event to be held in Thailand”. The upcoming expo is a K-lifestyle festival incorporating K-wave including Korean entertainment stars and concerts with the promotion of Korean products and services.  

A total of 141 companies related to cultural contents, cosmetics, fashion, baby products, daily necessities, food, and K-wave MDs will participate to hold business counseling sessions and exhibits targeting Thai corporations for 2 days.

It will be a festive event where participants can enjoy concerts and fan signing events of the ambassadors, along with a Korean make-up show and product demonstrations by Thai influencers. The people will experience various events themselves by seeing and hearing. 

The K-wave is expanding rapidly among the young population in Bangkok, while the city is a leading market within the ASEAN area. The expo will be a good opportunity for us to establish a premium image on our goods and services. 

WINNER, the group appointed as the ambassadors this year, is a male idol group composed of 4 members. They became top-class K-Pop stars as soon as they made debut back in 2014, by topping charts in and out of Korea. They have previously topped iTunes main single charts in 19 different countries in the world, along with the US Billboard World chart. They have also recently completed their North America tour composed of concerts in 7 different countries, proving their status as ‘global K-Pop stars’.


As the tickets for their concert held in Bangkok, Thailand last year were all sold out, WINNER is locally popular in Thailand. KOTRA explained that it is the reason why WINNER was appointed as the ambassadors of the upcoming expo this year.

Starting with the appointment ceremony being held today(26th), WINNER and Song Jihyo will actively promote the economic and cultural exchange between Korean and Thailand, along with the expansion of Korean small and medium sized enterprises to the Thai market. All members of WINNER created a heart-warming scene by participating in the ‘making of the hope t-shirt’, and autographing t-shirts with expo logos which represent Thailand. All profits from the hop t-shirt will be donated to the Thai children who are in need, along with contributions from participating enterprises.