Worries to Pride, Behind-the-Scenes of BLACKPINK’s Successful Asia Tour+Comeback


BLACKPINK revealed their behind story of their memories in Taipei, the final tour location of their Asia tour, and their preparation to make comeback with ‘KILL THIS LOVE’.

On April 27 at 10 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the 7th episode of ‘BLACKPINK DIARIES’ through their official blog(www.yg-life.com).

This video showed BLACKPINK headed to Taipei for their concert. JISOO stated, “I can’t believe it’s already our final concert”. She added, “I hope many people would enjoy it since we’ll be making comeback soon”.

LISA visited the Raohe night market, which is known as one of the 4 biggest night markets in Taiwan. LISA presented her ‘night market mukbang list’, while excited at the mood of the Chinatown she has missed out on for a while. She wandered the market while enjoying street food including stir-fried meat, tanghulu, youtiao, and even tangyuan, which is her favorite food ever since she was in Thailand.

BLACKPINK’s concert in Taipei finally began. The arena was filled with passionate cheers and heated vibes. Starting in Seoul, BLACKPINK successfully completed their Asia tour consisted of concerts in Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Taipei on March.

BLACKPINK chatted with the staff members who worked with BLACKPINK during their Asia tour on a get-together. JISOO proudly stated, “I was nervous and worried if we were prepared for this at the beginning, but I was able to feel the stage more while we progressed”.

The video also showed BLACKPINK preparing to make comeback with the release of ‘KILL THIS LOVE’. The members worked hard on perfecting the choreography and shot album photos with strong charisma, which perfectly matched their album concept along with their new hairstyles. LISA and JISOO expressed the concept of ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ in a simple way by showing hand moves of putting their hands together and breaking a finger heart. 

BLACKPINK is currently on their North America tour, consisted of 8 concerts in a total of 6 cities. After successfully completing their concerts in Los Angeles and in Chicago with the heated support of fans, the group will meet their fans once again on the 27th(local time) in Hamilton.