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[Sports TV News] EUN JIWON from group SECHSKIES will release his first solo album after joining YG Entertainment.

On May 17, YG Entertainment announced, “EUN JIWON will release his first solo album after joining YG”. They added, “He has finished shooting the MV for his title song for 2 days, on the 15th and 16th”.

WINNER’s MINO has participated in the writing and composing of the title song from EUN JIWON’s upcoming solo album. As EUN JIWON pursues classing Hip-hop tracks, MINO is determined to create a satisfactory outcome by collaborating with various producers from YG Entertainment. 

Since EUN JIWON and MINO do variety programs together such as tvN’s ‘New Journey to the West’ and ‘Kang’s Kitchen’, it is said that the two people had plenty of time to talk about their preferred music styles.

In fact, since the two people both enjoy Hip-hop music, the related officials are saying that the new title song is a music that fits EUN JIWON perfectly, like a custom-made suit.

EUN JIWON has revealed that he is a fan of executive producer YANG HYUN SUK, who was previously a member of Seotaiji and Boys, through shows and interviews ever since he made debut as SECHSCKIES. The people are wondering what kind of musical style the custom-made suit presented by YG will bring out from EUN JIWON.

Since the MV filming is complete, YG Entertainment will soon announce the exact release date. YG also revealed, “SECHSKIES is also preparing for their new song as well”.