[OSEN] YG’s soul vocalist, LEE HI, is making comeback in 3 years.

Today(20th) at 11 AM, YG Entertainment announced LEE HI’s comeback by uploading her ‘COMING SOON’ teaser through their official blog.

LEE HI presented her fierce eyes and matured styling in the revealed poster, raising curiosities on the concept of her new album.

The phrase ‘COMING SOON’ excited the fans who have been waiting for LEE HI’s comeback for the past 3 years, while raising expectations on LEE HI’s music which would have matured as much as her appearances.

The entire K-Pop scene is paying attention on LEE HI’s comeback as she has achieved an ‘all-kill’ status on Korean real-time and daily charts with the title songs ‘BREATHE’ and ‘HOLD MY HAND’ from her latest album ,’SEOULITE’.

LEE HIE won second place on SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ back in 2012, with her unique soulful vocals which are rare to spot in Korea. She signed with YG Entertainment and made debut with her single ‘1, 2, 3, 4’, which dominated Korean music charts for 4 weeks and earned her the nickname, ‘monster rookie’.

On the following year, LEE HI won rookie awards on various music awards ceremonies including the ‘Golden Disk’ and the ‘High One Seoul Music Awards’, proving her strong presence in the K-Pop scene. LEE HI was also spotlighted globally as she was selected on the ’21 Under 21’ list, announced by US Billboard back in 2013.

She then continued to release hit songs such as ‘It’s Over’, ‘Rose’, ‘BREATHE’, and ‘HOLD MY HAND’, establishing her position as an unrivaled female vocalist in the K-Pop scene.

On the reason why LEE HI has been vacant for quite a while, YG explained, “It’s because she did her best to create music which she wanted to release”. 

They continued, “As she has been preparing for quite a while, she will be able to release many songs and continue to release songs at a steady pace. Since the MV shooting for the title song is already complete, her official schedules will be soon announced and she will begin her active promotional activities”.

The fans who have been waiting for LEE HI’s comeback are paying keen attention on how LEE HI’s musical spectrum would’ve broadened and changed for the past 3 years, as she has been the unrivaled baritone female vocalist in the K-Pop scene.