[Ilgan Sports] WINNER looked back at their past 5 years since making debut and shared their appreciation by stating, “We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but we’ve been loved until now thanks to our family-like members and fans who always stayed beside us”.

In Conrad Hotel, Seoul on May 16, WINNER stated, “The title ‘WE’ puts meaning on the synergy effect that occurs when all of our members unite”, regarding their mini album released yesterday. They added, “We hope that the listeners would think ‘These guys feel similar emotions like we do’ and that ‘We’re alike’ rather than recognizing us artists who are distant from them”.

While reaching no. 1 status with all title songs released for the past 5 years including their debut title song ‘EMPTY’, ‘BABY BABY’, ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘EVERYDAY’, and ‘MILLIONS’, the group achieved another ‘all-kill’ in 8 different charts with their latest title song, ‘AH YEAH’. 

WINNER shared their gratitude by stating, “We’re happy and grateful. We don’t know how we always reached no. 1 somehow. We’ve been nervous every time we made comeback for the past 5 years, and we were nervous this time as well. We have expectations but tell each other not to cling to the results. You become more disappointed when you have higher expectations, so we try to stay composed”. 

YOON stated, “We monitor our fans’ social media accounts a lot, and I feel like they are doing a hard job. I know they are trying to spread our songs and MVs. I think our fans are another member of WINNER”, mentioning the group’s synergy effect with the fans.

Regarding their public popularity, WINNER answered, “We’ve been writing sincere lyrics ever since we made debut. That became our strengths. On this album, we wrote realistic lyrics in general. I think our future path also lays here. While transforming and attempting on different genres and images, we feel that it’s important to present what we sincerely have”.

After spending a busy year on 2018 by making 2 comebacks, WINNER will continue to stay busy this year as well. They hoped, “We’ll be meeting our fans without rest. Our schedule for until the second half of the year is already out. Our goal as WINNER is to finish the year strong with our third official album”.