winner 4

Group WINNER will make comeback on May 15 with a new EP album.

On May 3 at 11 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded a teaser poster notifying WINNER’s comeback on the 15th through their official blog(

The black colored background emitted dominant aura, while the ‘W’ sign which represents WINNER placed within a three-dimensional figure grabbed the viewers’ attention in an instant. In addition, the phrase, ‘NEW EP RELEASE 2019. 05. 15’, notifying the group’s comeback date and album format was also engraved on the bottom.

After confirming their comeback on the 15th and beginning their comeback countdown preparations in 5 months, WINNER will meet their fans with an EP album containing new music.

WINNER has established their unique musical color with sophisticated musicality presented through their previous releases. They’ve released trendy songs such as ‘EMPTY’, ‘SENTIMENTAL’, ‘REALLY REALLY’, and ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’.

In addition, WINNER also set a milestone by surpassing 100 million chart-in streams for the first time as a male idol group through their song, ‘REALLY REALLY’.

They’ve also proved their broad musical spectrum by releasing their second album ‘EVERYD4Y’, consisted of 12 tracks in various genres, last year on March.

MINO who made comeback as a solo artist on November topped not only major Korean real-time charts, but also weekly and monthly charts with the song ‘FIANCÉ’, proving his strong presence. WINNER then released a warm year-end song titled ‘MILLIONS’ while ‘FIANCÉ’ was still on charts, presenting a surprise gift for the fans.

Meanwhile, WINNER has established themselves as a global group by successfully completing their first-ever North America tour consisted of 7 concerts in 7 cities on January.