[TenAsia] On May 18, YG Entertainment uploaded episode 13 of W-LOG, which contains WINNERs daily loves in vlog format, through their official Naver VLIVE channel.

The video showed the behind stories from WINNEREVERYWHERE TOUR’ in New York, along with the sincere talks by members of WINNER.

0000388331_001_20190518130908247The members began their rehearsal with their final concert ahead. YOON stated, Its finally our last rehearsal. We couldnt imagine doing our finale in New York. He continued, It was a tour worthy of the title, EVERYWHERE TOUR’” and began reminiscing. JINU also looked back and stated, We went everywhere.

After beginning their rehearsal, WINNER paid attention to every detail including the stage path. They did not forget to express their gratitude and take pictures with the local staff members. After completing their rehearsal, YOON looked around the waiting rooms and introduced themselves to the fans. The members also explained the focal points of their outfits themselves.

Prior to getting on stage, the members gathered and filled in their spirits by encouraging themselves. Until the final encore stage, WINNER and the fans enjoyed the concert until the final encore performance.

WINNER confessed their sincere thoughts about their tour. Weve worried if there would be a lot of empty seats, YOON said. He continued, But every concert was full of surprises, thinking of the fans who filled up concert venues to watch WINNER perform. 

MINO stated, I feel frustrated that I couldnt communicate with the fans in English on stage. I feel the desperate need to study English, revealing his frustrations on not being able to communicate with the local fans more.

JINU stated, I dont know the reason why you like me, as JINU. Thats why I feel more thankful. He also shared his gratitude by stating, I feel like bursting out of tears when I look at the fans crying in front of the stage. He then encouraged everyone by stating, For WINNER, who will improve and get better day by day.

HOONY who revealed that the concert reminded himself of the time he aspired to become an artist stated, I had pressure, but I felt like I should do well. He added, Our schedule was physically tough, but Id like to do it again, two or three times

Lastly, the four members finalized their journey which lasted for 164 days in 24 cities of North America by telling their fans, We love you.

WINNER made their comeback in Korea on the 15th. They will begin their promotional activities by performing on a music broadcast through MBC Show! music Core’ on the 18th.