BLACKPINK revealed the behind stories of their concert held in Newark, where they performed with Dua Lipa. 

Today(23rd) at 10 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded episode 10 of the BLACKPINK DIARIES through their official blog. The video contained the behind stories of BLACKPINK’s North America tour.

In the clip, LISA visited the Toronto Aquarium prior to the concert, using her spare time to tour around. LISA observed the aquarium while making a bright smile. LISA filmed aquatic animals with her own camera, enjoying her free time. 

Later, many people were spotted in front of the FirstOntario Centre, where BLACKPINK’s concert in Hamilton was held. The local fans held official light sticks of BLACKPINK and danced to their songs, expressing their excitements prior to the concert. 

JISOO tried communicating with the fans through a self-cam video prior to getting on stage. JISOO shared the passionate local mood by stating, “My friend is in the audience seat, it’s already heated out there”. She then shared her strong will to LISA by stating, “Let’s destroy that stage” and “Let’s rip the stage apart”, making the viewers laugh. 

On the concert clip that followed, BLACKPINK presented a powerful performance while dominating the stage. On the exciting concert that even made the viewers energetic, the local fans responded with a huge and passionate roar. 

In Prudential Center where BLACKPINK’s Newark concert was held, a special female guest appeared. Dua Lipa, the global artist who received the rookie award in this year’s Grammys, visited the rehearsal scene of ‘Kiss and Make Up’. 

Dua Lipa stated, “My friend told me BLACKPINK is performing in Newark and told me to come with her”. She explained, “I presented the performance since I thought it would be great if we performed ‘Kiss and Make Up’ together”.

On the rehearsal scene, Dua Lipa and the members of BLACKPINK hugged each other in happiness, while sharing their greetings. When Dua Lipa stated, “It’s amazing to perform on the same stage”, BLACKPINK shared their overflowing joy on their performance by stating, “We couldn’t believe it either”.

BLACKPINK and Dua Lipa presented unforgettable memories for the audience who attended their Newark concert, through a successful collaborative performance. After the concert, Dua Lipa shared her affections towards BLACKPINK with infinite potential by stating, “BLACKPINK is beautiful and talented”. She added, “I look forward to what they will present in the future”.