YG Entertainment

Dear followers and friends, we’ve been in existent for almost 10 years as YG’s promotional partner outside of Korea, his voice and his companion, from the birth of BIGBANG and 2NE1, to WINNER and iKON, LEE HI, BLACKPINK and so on,  and have been personally their fan ever since the Kpop boom globally in the mid to late-2000s.

If you have been a part of YG’s journey, thank you. We understand that it is but a little difficult not just on our part, but as well as yours to read media articles and updates that are truly devastating about YG…as fans, as followers.

First of all, for Yang Hyun Suk as a founder and as the father and media figure of YG Entertainment, we’ve watched him closely from the day he founded the company, we’ve watched how tough he is as a boss, how compassionate he is as a brother, as a father, and as a friend. He’s got a lot of people to protect, a lot of people to take care of, a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, but people have placed all the blames on him and his company. Do you think he would interfere with his artists’ personal lives just to ruin them? He is there to protect both his company and his artists and as the head of the management company, or agency, he got to do certain things to protect his artists.

Now if B.I is indeed tested positive for marijuana or whatever drug he’s found positive with during the company’s drug testing, Yang Hyun Suk, has that job to conduct an internal investigation, thus he needs to talk with the people involved.

As celebrities, their lives are always in the limelight. Individually, they need to take care of their reputation, need to conform to the stipulations in their contracts, ’cause any wrong moves they do, it will compromise peoples lives, the people that are working under the company… their jobs are on the line.

We can’t just blame the entire company just because of one person. Seungri, B.I, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Park Bom – these company are filled with very capable artists, one of the very talented ones are here…and when one’s up there, there will be outside forces that will take this company down. We all have to be aware of that.

We love these artists because of their talents, we love them as artists, so let’s continue supporting them.

BIGBANG is still alive despite the controversies each one of them had to surpass; 2NE1 is still alive, disbanded but still alive and girls are still doing it thus we are still here behind them. Park Bom, we thought she’s over, but look at her now…

For WINNER, they are still alive despite Nam Taehyun leaving the group…they were able to surpass that kind of misery as well… WINNER and iKON, we watched these kids grow. We watched how MINO conquered his fears, conquered controversies over controversies, and after that, he shined brightly more than ever. Nam Taehyun of WINNER is also successful with his own endeavors. His band is rocking it.

Now for iKON, only one will be missing for now, but we firmly believe the remaining 6 will carry on. We still hope to see B.I in the future. Maybe he is not meant to be in the limelight, remember he is a good producer. He could surpass this too.

For Yang Hyun Suk and the rest of YG Entertainment, thank you for the hard work. Job well done, you’ve done great things, you’ve proven to everyone that a small company can outshine the others. The truth shall set you free. The fans are still here, we are still here.


Admin Jane