Kwon Hyun Bin, former member of JBJ, makes his solo debut. He opens up his personal YouTube channel and actively communicate with the fans as well.

On May 31, YGX which is the agency Kwon Hyun Bin is signed to, announced, “Kwon Hyun Bin will make debut as a solo artist this summer. Prior to his first-ever solo release, he will open his personal YouTube channel today at 5 PM to reveal videos including his album preparation process and daily lives”.

As he has recently made the fans curious by writing, “Will hear happy news soon” on his social media account, Kwon Hyun Bin has announced his YouTube channel in addition to his upcoming solo album to be released this summer.

After letting himself known through Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ Season 2, Kwon Hyun Bin gained popularity with his outstanding physique that matches his past career as a model from YG KPlus, in addition to his attractive low-tone rap. He has then been active as a member of JBJ, derived from ‘Produce 101’ due to the fans’ requests. The group has gained huge popularity by topping major music charts and music broadcasts through songs including ‘My Flower’ and ‘Fantasy’.

Even after when Kwon Hyun Bin’s activities ended as an artist, he worked hard on training to broaden his abilities as an artist. As he was known as a fan of Hip-Hop, he focused on training not only writing rap lyrics, but also composing and dancing. As a result, Kwon Hyun Bin has worked with producers of YG Entertainment such as FUTURE BOUNCE with the goal of making solo debut this summer.

Kwon Hyun Bin shared his thoughts by stating, “I feel excited to meet the fans through my YouTube channel. I’ve been thinking about how I can fill up my past vacancy and how I can create music which everyone can enjoy and be satisfied with. I’m only beginning to flap my wings, but I will do my best to become a proud artist for the fans who have supported and waited for me. I am sincerely grateful”.

Kwon Hyun Bin will upload various contents such as his solo album preparation process and his daily lives through his official YouTube channel, every Friday at 5 PM.