[X-Focus]  EUN JIWON of SECHSKIES is to make his solo return with the title song, ‘I’M ON FIRE’. 

On the 18th at 10 AM, YG Entertainment revealed EUN JIWON’s solo title poster through their official blog. 

In the poster, EUN JIWON presented his charisma with his silhouette which reminded viewers of a cowboy, with a tiger moth silhouette as the background. The teaser also marked ‘I’M ON FIRE’ as the title song, raising the people’s expectations.

MINO of WINNER assisted EUN JIWON on ‘I’M ON FIRE’ as the writer and composer. EUN JIWON and MINO who have gotten in sync through variety programs such as the ‘New Journey to the West’ and ‘Kang’s Kitchen’, had plenty of musical conversations to help them create the track ‘I’M ON FIRE’, the authentic Hip-Hop song which suits EUN JIWON perfectly. 

I’M ON FIRE’ was written by EUN JIWON and MINO, while YG’s producing team FUTURE BOUNCE participated in both composition and arrangement of the track. 

Blue.D, the female vocalist of YGX gathering attention with her charming vocal tone and mystic character, participated as the featuring artist.

EUN JIWON has previously released multiple hits such as ‘Pomsaeng Pomsa’ and ‘Couple’, after making debut back in 1997 as the leader of SECHSKIES. He also proved his strong presence through many solo tracks such as ‘Drunk in Melody’, ‘Mi Casa’, ‘8t. Truck’, ‘All Fammy’, ‘Siren’, and ‘Adios’. 

SECHSKIES reunited back in 2016 and made their successful comeback. Their title tracks including ‘SMILE’ and ‘SOMETHING SPECIAL’ from the 5th album, ‘ANOTHER LIGHT’, topped multiple music charts and lined up all tracks on the Top 10 back in 2017, proving their popularity as the original idols. 

The people are looking forward to EUN JIWON’s transformation as he is about to make his solo comeback with ‘I’M ON FIRE’, assisted by MINO of WINNER.