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SOMI to Make ‘Debut on the 13th’ with First Solo Title Song, ‘BIRTHDAY Co-Composed with TEDDY

The title of SOMI’s first solo debut song has been revealed.

On June 7, The Black Label uploaded a teaser image notifying the title of SOMI’s first debut title song, ‘BIRTHDAY’, through their official social media account.

The title of her upcoming song, ‘BIRTHDAY’, has a symbolic meaning of ‘Jeon Somi’ being newly reborn as a solo artist.

The song was composed by TEDDY, known as a hit-maker and the representative producer of The Black Label, while SOMI also participated in the creative process as a co-composer.

The fact that SOMI co-composed her first-ever solo track, ‘BIRTHDAY’, will have a special meaning not only for herself but also for her fans.

SOMI presented a ponytail hairstyle in the revealed teaser image. The props placed around her including balloons and lollipops made SOMI look like the birthday girl, while also giving the viewers a hunch of an exciting summer song.

The people are paying keen attention on what kind of music and performances SOMI will present as a solo artist, to surprise the public and her fans waiting for her solo debut.

SOMI’s first-ever debut single ‘BIRTHDAY’ will be released on June 13th at 6 PM through various music platforms.

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