[Herald Pop, Kim Naul] WINNER, the men with fresh summer vibes, decorated the cover of ‘High Cut’ magazine.

WINNER revealed their pictorial photos filled with freshness through the celebrity style magazine, ‘High Cut’, to be published on the 7th. The cover was decorated with selfies taken by the members themselves using smartphones. The cute facial expressions on the members’ faces placed within the small screen made the viewers ‘become fans’.

In the pictorial, they displayed their professional looks differentiated from the cover. With the concept of an imaginary vacation, the members wore outfits with a relaxed fit and vivid colors. They also wore clustering accessories. HOONY created a dynamic scene with his freewheeling moves, MINO posed as if he is dancing to the background music, JINU handled a prop ball, while YOON presented an emotional vibe, filling up the pictorial with different ambiances.

During the interview following the shooting, YOON was asked what worried him the most while executively producing the album. He answered, “All artists stand on the crossroad while preparing for a new album, whether to carry on what worked well on previous releases, or to make a challenge by giving a change. WINNER also stood on that crossroad. I focused on two things while making our title track. As the usually bright and fresh vibe of the song was there while the lyrics had the theme ‘breakup’, I tried to maintain WINNER’s unique color while approaching the theme ‘breakup’ in a different way”.

HOONY expressed his gratitude towards the fans. He stated, “You tend to forget when you don’t see it, but it’s still the most touching when you’re there. It’s not like a one-sided love, we work hard together. We try to make as many contents and show our faces during our vacancies, while our fans support us”.

MINO shared the news that he watches MV reaction videos recently. He stated, “Somewhere along the line, we think of ‘summer’ when we think about WINNER. I’ve been watching a lot of MV reaction videos since our album came out. They were really interesting. We’ve happened to release songs with summer vibes, but I didn’t realize it was that much. Many people used the expression, ‘summer is here’ or ‘the kings of summer’ on WINNER’s tracks. It was interesting and I also felt proud”.

On the question when members of WINNER feel like they are supporting each other, JINU answered, “When we empathize? When our minds fit together, just like that. We click together on the small things. Opinions such as this is right and that is wrong don’t exist, and we just click together. It feels amazing and helps us at times”, revealing his affections towards the members.

WINNER’s pictorial and interview will be available through the 243rd edition of ‘High Cut’, to be published on June 7.