[May 31, Ilgan Sports, Park Jung Sun] The general ticketing for group WINNER’s PRIVATE STAGE opens today.

Today(31st) at 8 PM, the general ticketing for ‘WINNER PRIVATE STAGE [WWIC2019]’ will open through Auction Ticket.

Since WINNER will be meeting the fans in approximately 6 months since they held their encore concert in Seoul back in January, a fierce competition to purchase tickets is expected.

On June 29 at 2 PM and 6 PM, WINNER will hold the PRIVATE STAGE in Jang Chung Gymnasium, Seoul and make meaningful memories with INNER CIRCLE.

WINNER has previously noticed a solid composition of their upcoming PRIVATE STAGE through a stage spot video including concept phrases such as the ‘New WWIC’, ‘WINNER’s Office Life Prepared by WINNER’, which raised the fans’ expectations.

WINNER’s 2019 PRIVATE STAGE will be held with the concept of ‘office life’, and the members will present joyous performances after transforming into office managers. The fans are already heated up on WINNER’s new concept which has never been presented before.

Meanwhile, WINNER’s title song ‘AH YEAH’ from their latest album ‘WE’ released on the 15th achieved an all-kill on Korean music charts, allowing the group to continue their record of reaching no. 1 with all title songs released ever since debut.