An excerpt from the Korean article by Sigye Ilbo, Lee Jung-woo reporter:

In an interview with the newly inaugurated Military Manpower Administration director, Ki Chan-soo, Seungri’s military enlistment shall be deferred due to his involvement to the “Burning Sun Scandal“.

He expressed, “We will suspend enlistment until the prosecution shall complete their investigation to some extent”. He also expressed that this to remove possible misunderstanding that “enlistment will be used as refuge”.

With regards to the question when will Seungri be renotified about his enlistment as the abovementioned have also been accused of other charges, he stated that deferment will be made by the conscripts themselves, but notification or the enlistment date can be decided by the head of the Military Manpower Administration according to the relevant regulations.

Since the investigation is still on-going, pining the military now will disrupt the investigation. There is a public perception that he is joining the military service as a ‘fugitive’ and it is impossible to serve in the military if Seungri is investigated by the military investigative agency even after pining the military.

Considering all these, he stated that decisions on the enlistment date will depend on the status of the investigation as there are a series of criticisms that military enlistment will turn into a refuge for criminal suspects, they are pushing to revise the military service law so that the mandatory military service can be postponed with the authority of the Military Manpower Administration if requested by the investigative agency on a person who caused social controversy in the future.’