WINNER fascinated Osaka, the second city of their Japan tour.

On July 15 in Osaka-jo Hall, Japan, WINNER met the local fans by holding the ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2019’. 

All tickets from the concert were sold out, proving WINNER’s heated local popularity. The blue waves created by INNER CIRCLE(fan club name) filled up the concert hall, creating a majestic scene. 

WINNER composed their setlist of 25 songs with their own tracks only. They began the opening with the song ‘AH YEAH’ and continued to perform for approximately 2 hours. The group fascinated the fans with songs in various genres including summer dance tracks such as ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, and ‘EVERY DAY’, as well as ballad tracks such as ‘EMPTY’ and ‘COLOR RING’.

WINNER also presented a special performance for the Japanese fans by presenting ‘MOVIE STAR’ in Japanese. The Japanese fans responded passionately and sang-along to the song in loud voices.

Since WINNER’s Japan tour was accompanied by a live band for the first time, the show was filled with high-quality performances. The newly arranged tracks to match the band’s live performances created harmony with WINNER’s mature vocals, raising the audience’s satisfaction.

WINNER shared their gratitude with love towards the fans who watched them perform and promised to meet them again in the future. 

The ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2019’ will continue in Osaka Hall on the 15th, in Nagoya Congress Center on the 17th, Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall on the 28th, Tokyo Olympus Hall Hachioji on August 10, Shizuoka Cultural Center on August 31, NKT Forest Hall, Aichi on September 1, ROHM Theater Kyoto on September 14, and in Marine Messe, Fukuoka on September 16. 

WINNER will also release the Japanese version of their mini album ‘WE’, on August 7. The album will contain the Japanese version of the title song ‘AH YEAH’, as well as other tracks. The album will also include a Japanese version of ‘MILLIONS’, which was released last year.