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Group WINNER opened up the first concert of their sixth Japan tour in Tokyo. 

On July 3, WINNER notified the beginning of the ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2019’ in Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo and met the fans.

WINNER’s tour was composed of high-quality performances along with a band, for the first time-ever for WINNER. The songs arranged to fit the band’s instrument sounds and WINNER’s matured vocals created harmony and wonderful performances. 

YOON raised the people’s expectations by stating, “We would like to show our best performances ever, along with us being matured. We tried our best to perform with WINNER’s unique colors more than ever”. 

WINNER filled their 2-hour concert with a total of 25 songs including summer dance tracks such as ‘AH YEAH’, ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘EVERYDAY’, along with ballad tracks such as ‘EMPTY’ and ‘COLOR RING’. The 25-song setlist was composed of WINNER’s songs only, revealing the group’s musical color in an instant.

The Japanese fans cheered with passion as well, filling up the concert venue with blue waves. The fans enjoyed WINNER’s performances while singing along to every single song with loud voices. 

In the end, WINNER shared their sincere thoughts on performing in Japan by stating, “We are happy to present a live performance for the fans supporting WINNER, once again. Thank you for making us happy and unforgettable memories, as always”. 

The ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2019’ will be held in Osaka Hall on the 15th, in Nagoya Congress Center on the 17th, Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall on the 28th, Tokyo Olympus Hall Hachioji on August 10, Shizuoka Cultural Center on August 31, NKT Forest Hall, Aichi on September 1, ROHM Theater Kyoto on September 14, and in Marine Messe, Fukuoka on September 16. 

Furthermore, WINNER will release their mini album ‘WE’ in Japanese version on August 7. The album will contain songs such as ‘AH YEAH’ recorded in Japanese. The album will also include the Japanese version of ‘MILLIONS’, released during the last year’s year-end.