While WINNER returned home after completing the first concert of their Japan tour, YOON revealed a group shot of WINNER presenting the ‘4 unique charms’ of all members. 

On July 3, WINNER successfully started their ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2019’ in Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo. With the heated support of Japanese fans, WINNER finished their first concert in success and returned to Korea on the 4th through Gimpo International Airport. 

YOON shared his thoughts on the concert through his Instagram account by writing, ‘Thank you” in Japanese. He also uploaded two photos.

(c) Winner’s Kang Seung Yoon

The photo presented the 4 unique charms of YOON, HOONY, MINO, and JINU. The members were in different fashion styles, while showing off their unique individualities. WINNER’s amazing visuals and their silver-colored jackets added even more charisma. 

The fans supported WINNER by writing, “WINNER we love you”, “Good work WINNER”, “I want to go too”, “WINNER is the god of stages”, “Please have a concert in Korea”, and “WINNER we trust and listen to. WINNER we trust and watch”. 

Meanwhile, as Korean netizens are running boycott campaigns on Japanese products due to Japan’s recent export regulations on Korea, the tension between the two countries are building up while influencing the entertainment industry as well. However, WINNER will continue on with their Japan tour.

The ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2019’ will continue in Osaka Hall on the 15th, in Nagoya Congress Center on the 17th, Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall on the 28th, Tokyo Olympus Hall Hachioji on August 10, Shizuoka Cultural Center on August 31, NKT Forest Hall, Aichi on September 1, ROHM Theater Kyoto on September 14, and in Marine Messe, Fukuoka on September 16.