JINU of WINNER made a successful solo debut.

CALL ANYTIME’, JINU’s first-ever solo track, was ranked at no. 1 on iTunes in 13 different countries. The countdown live broadcast held live an hour prior to the release received 450 million hearts, proving JINU’s global popularity.

US Billboard also favorably reviewed JINU’s ‘CALL ANYTIME’ by writing, “The track presents JINU’s soft vocals both dynamically and smoothly” and chose “The smooth rhythmic guitar riff and repeating chorus” as the main characteristic of the track.

YG Entertainment also revealed JINU’s dance practice video, which showed him dancing while wearing a beige-colored suit. The storytelling choreography of the track which reminds viewers of a musical is the main focal point. His act as if he’s looking at his cellphone at the beginning and the lyrics of ‘CALL ANYTIME’ makes perfect sync.

MINO, who participated in ‘CALL ANYTIME’ as a featuring rapper, also made an appearance in the dance practice video. As a result, the fans are having expectations that they may be able to see MINO perform along with JINU during his music broadcast appearance with ‘CALL ANYTIME’.


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