WINNER’s Kim Jin-woo [JINU] is confirmed to make his debut as a solo artist and announces the release of his solo song on his 5th year since debut.

YG Entertainment officially released his solo teaser poster on August 1 at 10:00 am in its official blog.

In the teaser poster, the phrase “RELEASING SOON” heightened expectations for his solo debut. A collage of different objects was arranged in such a way that attracts attention,

201908011010430410_1_20190801101242282Kim Jinwoo will be the first solo artist to release his solo songs in five years since WINNER made their debut in 2014. He has catapulted an image as the flower boy in the team which added to the interest of what kind of concept will he make as a solo artist. Kim Jinwoo particularly has vibrant vocals which add to the curiosity of what kind of music he has prepared for his solo.

“All eyes are on KIM JINWOO as his solo debut concept remains a mystery. We’re curious what music KIM JINWOO, who boasts a clear beautiful voice, has prepared for us”

Kim Jinwoo has debuted with WINNER starting off with “Empty“, “Baby Baby“, “Really Really” and “Millions“. All of the title songs that were released by the group made it to the top of the main music charts, exhibited their musical power. Their song, “Really Really” hits a record-breaking 100-million streams on streaming chart, the first male idol to do so.

Winner has expanded its global influence with the debut of the first tour of the Americas this year, and has met with fans of the “WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2019” tour from Tokyo on March 3rd.