BLACKPINK decorated their memories with BLINK through their first-ever PRIVATE STAGE event.

BLACKPINK’s ’2019 PRIVATE STAGE [Chapter 1]‘ was held in Olympic Hall, Olympic Park on the 21st at 1 PM and 6 PM.

BLACKPINK notified the start of their PRIVATE STAGE with an acoustic version performance of ‘WHISTLE’. When the members appeared on stage while singing their own parts, the audience greeted BLACKPINK while waving ‘bbyong bongs’, which are BLACKPINK’s official lighting sticks.

BLACKPINK stated, “It’s a fan meeting to celebrate our 3rd year debut anniversary. We’re happy a lot of people came, and we would like to make delightful memories”. They added, “We wanted ‘WHISTLE’, our debut single, to be the opener of our event. We dressed similar to how we did at the time of debut as well”.

Prior to facing their 3rd year debut anniversary on August 8, BLACKPINK established themselves as a global girl group after releasing numerous hits after making debut back in 2016. From November last year until July this year, the group went on a world tour consisted of concerts held in 23 cities in a total of 4 different continents, including Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania.

Regarding their tour, BLACKPINK stated, “We’ve met BLINKs of many different nations. Their responses were heated”. They also raised the fans’ expectations by adding, “We’re working on our new song. We think the BLINKs will like it”.

During the PRIVATE STAGE, the audience communicated with the group through an instant poll, which utilized a special device. Prior to the beginning of the game corner, JENNIE and ROSÉ became a team, while JISOO and LISA became team members through the voting results by the audience. Team ROSÉ·JENNIE won both games. JISOO and LISA who lost promised to present a special airport look as a penalty, which raised the expectations of fans.

BLACKPINK’s special performances, prepared in the midst of their busy schedules for their first-ever fan meeting, also grabbed the people’s attention. JENNIE performed H.E.R’s ‘BEST PART’ while playing an acoustic guitar, while ROSÉ  and LISA performed Nat King Cole’s ‘L-O-V-E’ together, which reminded the viewers of a musical. JISOO made the audience applaud with a magic performance participated by the fans.

At the end of the PRIVATE STAGE, the fans expressed their love towards BLACKINK with a celebration cake and a placard which read, ‘Thank you for being with us on such a beautiful day’. BLACKPINK also shared their gratitude by getting closer to the audience seats and stating, “We’ll try our best to repay the love we received”.