WINNER will visit their fans of Korea by holding a concert in Seoul on October, following the successful completion of their first-ever arena tour in Japan.

On September 17 at 4 PM, YG Entertainment made a notice notifying WINNER’s concert in Seoul through their official website. The people are wondering what kind of energetic performances WINNER will present, as they have always touched the fans with their high-quality performances.

On October 26th (Sat) at 7 PM and on the 27th (Sun) at 4 PM, WINNER will hold the ‘WINNER [CROSS] TOUR IN SEOUL’ in KSPO DOME (Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena) and reenact the touching blue waves. It will be a meaningful event where the group will reunite with their fans of Korea in approximately 4 months since they held PRIVATE STAGE back in June.

Since WINNER is preparing to perform live with a full band for the first-time in Korea ever since they made debut, the expectations on the upcoming concert are higher than ever. WINNER is prepared to present a high-quality performance by collaborating with the full band during their live concert.

The fan club pre-ticketing for ‘WINNER [CROSS] TOUR IN SEOUL’ will begin on the 23rd at 8 PM through Auction Ticket. The first official ticket sales will begin on the 25th at 8 PM through ‘Paybook’, which is the digital platform of BC Card. The second ticket sales will begin on the 26th at 8 PM through ‘Auction Ticket’.

While preparing for their concert in Seoul to be held on October, WINNER decorated the finale of their Japan tour by holding their final concert of ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2019′, the group’s first-ever arena tour, in Marine Messe Fukuoka on September 16th (local time).

During the tour, 4 vehicles circled around the arena and met at the center as part of a stage act, which grabbed the attention of the audience. WINNER got closer to the fans and touched their hearts by performing ‘MOVIE STAR’.

The group’s performance of ‘AH YEAH’ fascinated the audience of Fukuoka the most. WINNER’s unique melodies, vocals, and trendy sounds created harmony with a live band performance, while the fans added heat by singing ‘YEAH’ all together.

YOON stated, “We’ve shared beautiful moments with all of you during our tour. We felt grateful to have spent our most glamorous moment”.

Starting with their concert held in Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo on July 3rd, WINNER captured the hearts of Japanese fans through a tour consisted of 9 concerts held in a total of 7 cities, which ended in Marine Messe Fukuoka.