The second ticket opening for WINNER’s concert in Seoul begins on the 4th at 8 PM, through Auction Ticket. The ticket sales will include unsettled reservation seats from the first ticket opening in addition to seats that were additionally laid out.

On October 26th(Sat) at 7 PM and on October 27th(Sun) at 4 PM, WINNER will hold the ‘WINNER [CROSS] TOUR IN SEOUL’ in Seoul KSPO DOME(Olympic Gymnastics Arena) to meet their fans.

Since the concert will be held for two days, they will be filled with different sub-titles, concepts, and various performances. 

The sub-titles of the two concerts are ‘X’ and ‘+’. ‘X’ symbolizes ‘CROSS’, which is the title of the concert. The concert that will be held on the 26th has ‘X’ as its sub-title, while the concert on the 27th has the sub-title ‘+’.

WINNER will perform with a live band on their upcoming concerts for the first time ever since they made debut. WINNER, the group who has released multiple hits in various genres, will present even more lively songs and performances through their collaboration with a live band.

Starting with their concert in Seoul, WINNER will go on a tour in 7 cities of Asia. The group will perform in Taipei on November 24, in Jakarta on December 21, in Bangkok on January 11 next year, in Kuala Lumpur on January 18, in Manila on January 25, and in Singapore on February 8.