WINNER at Kyung Hee University Music Festival (Full Version)

WINNER at Kyung Hee University Music Festival (Full Version). 

The Crowd is ‘Insane’, WINNER Brought Down Kyunghee University

Doesn't this make you proud? WINNER brought down Kyunghee University during their performance at the music festival. The crowd is singing along, they enjoyed the performance and the...

Lee Hi – Recorded Live at Kyunghee University Festival

This is Lee Hi live at Kyunghee University Festival, special thanks to hi100sunflower Hi for the fancam.

This Sounded Like CL, is this 2NE1 CL’s New Song, is 2NE1 Coming Back?

This sounded like CL...ani, it sounded like a 2NE1 song...It just flashed in our timeline, then gone...was it a leak? It could be...There is no confirmation as...
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BIGBANG’s T.O.P & Lee Byung Hun, The ‘Iris’ Reunion

Actor Lee Byung Hun and BIGBANG's T.O.P were revealed to have met and dined together. Both starred in the South Korean espionage television drama entitled, "IRIS" in 2009. The news about...