Winner x Kiehls

WINNER Collaborates with Kiehl’s for ‘Let’s Protect Nature’ Project

Kiehl’s and group WINNER will lead the way in protecting nature. Kiehl’s, a company founded in 1851 with the motive ‘a firm’s profits must be returned to the...

“A Solo Concert”, WINNER Brought the House Down at Kyunghee, “Daebak-Jjang” Level

WINNER got impressed for the unity of the crowd/students at Kyung Hee University. On the 10th, WINNER's leader, Kang Seung Yoon posted a video on his Instagram...

iKON’s Chanwoo to Throw First Pitch for the LG Twins

iKON member, Jung Chanwoo (Chan) will throw the first pitch for Korea's professional baseball team, the LG Twins. He's been an avid baseball fan and supporter of the...

iKON to Hold Fan-Meeting Celebrating 1,000th Day; the Birth of YG’s ‘PRIVATE STAGE’

iKON will have a memorable meeting with the fans to celebrate their 1,000-day anniversary since debut. Today (May 2nd), YG Entertainment revealed the poster for iKON's 2018 PRIVATE...

Which Kpop Artists Get the Most Love Calls to Attend University Festivals?

It's not festive enough without the King so, which Kpop artists gets the most love calls to perform in University Festivals? According to Sports Chosun, in a convo...

WINNER for Harper’s Bazaar: “Number ‘4’ is Now a Representative Number”

Kpop quartet, WINNER discussed their latest album, ‘EVERYD4Y’ On April 23, fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR Korea released WINNER’s pictorial from the May edition of the magazine. The four...