K-Netizens` Reaction to Sandara Park’s Hidden Camera Prank

Source: Naver TVcast | Translation: 2NE1 Buzz Watch the clip: HERE  
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T.O.P Gets Mad at Fans for Making Fun of His Age

A post on Nate Pann discusses how BIGBANG's rapper T.O.P became "mad" after fans teased him about his age. T.O.P expressed his feelings by going on (another) spamming...

K-Netizens React to T.O.P’s Handwritten Letter of Apology

Article: TOP handwrites apology letter "I'll reflect a hundred times over... I deserve all punishment" Source: Star News via Naver 1. Sigh... we really need...

K-Netizens: Male and Female Trainees of YG

While the YG Family is certainly growing bigger and bigger as the years go on by, there are still a lot of people that...

K-Netizens List the Visuals of YG Entertainment

A post on Nate Pann has been getting attention for listing the top visuals of YG Entertainment. The list included artists from BIGBANG, iKON, 2NE1, and even trainees. See the...

K-Netizens’ Reaction to Infinite Challenge: SONG MINO x HAHA ‘Shoot’ Performance

 Article: Infinite Challenge, SONGMINHOxHAHA Fiercely Opens HistoryXHipHop Concert with 'Shoot (쏘아/sso-ah/)' Xsports via Naver: Link 1. (+2,178 , -88) The song is hella good... 2. (+1,835 , -50)...

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